Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott

President & Funnel Tamer

Michelle Sundstrom

Vice President of Operations & Sous Chef

Jay Fedje

Vice President of University Partnerships (Midwest, Rockies, & West) & Enrollment Jedi

Nicholas Balk

Vice President of University Partnerships (Northeast) & Bridge Builder

Tracey Dysart Ford

Vice President of University Partnerships (South)

Will Lee

Vice President of University Partnerships (Mid-Atlantic) & Possibilitarian

Lisa Branson

Vice President for Client Relations & Campaign Whisperer

Aaron Porter

Senior Account Manager & Enrollment Strategist

Jazmane Brown

Project Manager & Cool, Candid Connector

Ashley Buchanan

Project Manager & Project Guru

Kaitlyn Reed

Project Manager & People Partner

Milena Velez

Project Manager & Sentence Sorceress

Allen Archer

Director of Programming

Linda Bishop

Octane Editor

Tyler Brenneman

Associate Vice President of Business Intelligence & Analytics

Allison Davis

Marketing Specialist & Marketing Mechanic

Ray Finton

Developer and Data Analyst & Code Warrior

Dr. Laralee Harkleroad

Associate Vice President of Marketing & Learning

Jay Helms

Captain Video

Katie Jordan

CRM Consultant

Gretchen Long

Creative Director & Design Goddess

Susanna Mayo

Director of Slate Education & Dream Weaver

Traba McQuary

Director of Emerging Marketing Solutions & Digital Diva

Sam Morgan

Data Specialist & Illuminator

Tom O’Brien

Solutions Enabler

Mike Obringer

Chief Financial Officer

Addison Poteet

CRM Consultant

Bree Purtell

CRM Consultant

David Quick

Chief Bell Ringer

Yanery Rodriguez

Executive Assistant & Human Gluestick

Linda Shirey

Data Specialist & Avid Learner

Tori Simon

Director of Social and Influencer Strategies & Puzzle Solver

Camlin Talbot

Assistant Director of Business Operations & Number Cruncher

Mike Wesner

Founder and Chief Imagination Officer

Kelly Zachrich

Director of Business Operations & T Crosser, I Dotter