Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott

President and Funnel Tamer

Mike Wesner

Principal and Chief Imagination Officer

Jay Fedje

Vice President of Client Services

Michelle Sundstrom

Vice President of Operations

Linda Bishop

Marketing Strategist

Alison Walls

Air Traffic Controller
Assistant Director of Operations

Chris Daniels

Director, Business Development

Ray Finton

Developer and Data Analyst

Tony Pace

Student Search Consultant and Data Analyst

Jay Helms

Captain Video

Gretchen Long

Creative Director

Traba McQuary

Developer and Data Analyst

Tom O’Brien

Solutions Enabler

David Quick

Chief Success Officer and Bell Ringer

David F. Singleton

Chief Financial Officer

Shanna Vollmer

The Needle Mover

Jason Black

Peer Consultant

Adam Connolly

Peer Consultant

Aaron K. Porter

Peer Consultant