The Culture Curator Extraordinaire understands the value in preserving traditions and cultivating culture. They excel in finding the right people, fostering loyalty, and mentoring their team. The Organizational Guru assesses situations quickly. They excel at identifying problems and finding solutions, and are excellent change leaders. The Information Systems Genius has a keen understanding of the Student Information System and an institution’s CRM software. They excel at finding ways to improve how people and systems work together for a more effective recruiting process. The Data Manager Mastermind knows what data must be collected, analyzed and used to solve enrollment problems. They have a deep understanding of how to frame questions and superior skills for pattern recognition. The Marketing and Sales Wizard translate value statements into touchpoints, masterfully align communications with the student’s decision-making process, and excel at training their staff to sell a school’s value.

Read each statement and select the one that BEST represents you. Only one choice can be selected for each set of statements.
When you complete the quiz, you will discover the enrollment leadership qualities that best represent you.

Total time to take Quiz: 3 to 4 minutes