Welcome to Your REV Training Session

We are excited to have you participate in the Admission Counselor’s Guide to Achieving Recruiting Goals. This training course was designed to help you succeed by providing you with the information you need in your critical role.

Every participant will be assigned to a cohort. This provides you an opportunity to meet and interact with peers from other schools and share information in a non-competitive environment.

  • There are seven sessions, and each session will have a quiz. Quizzes are taken in enrollmentFUEL’s LMS, and you receive immediate feedback to know if you passed. To receive a “Certificate of Accomplishment,” you must advance through all seven quizzes by the date in the chart. Certificates will be mailed within two weeks after the last session ends.

Sessions will be taught using the following platforms:

  • Zoom, where we meet as a group to view presentations and discuss materials in breakout groups

Accessing Zoom Meetings

To join Zoom sessions, you MUST have a Zoom account set up with:

  • Your name (the name that was provided to FUEL at the time of your registration).
  • Your work/institutional email – NOTE: This is important. We used your name and institutional email to assign you to a cohort and Zoom breakout room. The system will only allow you to enter the meeting if your login credentials match those within Zoom.
  • Please plan to attend the Zoom sessions as an individual – NOT as part of a group. It is important to join individually because you will join a breakout session with your cohort during the Zoom session.

You will receive invitations to all Zoom meetings, and you can also access the meeting link in the “Orientation” section of the LMS, under “Zoom Schedule.”

Accessing enrollmentFUEL’s LMS

Log into the LMS at enrollmentfuel.rise.com
Your login credentials will be emailed between July 5 and July 8, 2021.
If you do not receive your credentials, please contact Yanery Rodriguez, Training Coordinator, at yanery.rodriguez@enrollmentfuel.com.

Access to Basecamp

Each cohort will have a distinct online Basecamp project. It is a place to voice your opinions, provide input on the discussion questions, and share ideas and best practices with peers. PLEASE participate in these valuable opportunities. Non-participation devalues the learning process for others since it takes many to provide multiple opinions and examples. We are depending on you because your thoughts matter, and you will make a difference for others.

Basecamp invitations are sent directly from the system. We will advise when your invitation is sent so you can set up your account and join your cohort online.

The Course Syllabus

A downloadable course syllabus is available in the LMS.

Important Dates for All Sessions

Have questions or need help?

Contact Yanery Rodriquez, Training Coordinator at yanery.rodriguez@enrollmentfuel.com.