Yanery Rodriguez

Executive Assistant and Human Gluestick

Yanery has over ten years of experience in administrative support and spent her career as an administrative and executive assistant in a variety of K-12 schools in the Philadelphia metro area. Most recently serving as an Administrative Assistant at a suburban high school, closely supporting the assistant principal and various school counselors, Yanery conveys extensive knowledge and expertise in the college search and application process. Previously serving as an Executive Assistant for an elementary school after a promotion, Yanery attained various professional accomplishments for which she is very proud.

Yanery brings her enthusing entrepreneurial spirit, exemplary confidence and perseverance, and an incessant desire to learn more and grow every single day. With relentlessly high standards for herself and others and a robust passion for embracing complexity and not oversimplifying, Yanery is driven by a deeply held goal of constantly striving for innovation and greatness that cannot be easily shaken.

Yanery attended Eastern University in Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership. When she graduated, Yanery became the first person in her family to graduate college and attain a degree. Yanery currently resides in Warminster, Pennsylvania with her husband and six-year-old daughter. Additionally, Yanery is fully bilingual and speaks Spanish. In her spare time, Yanery enjoys spending quality time with her family, listening to motivational personal development, and making delicious, authentic Dominican food in her kitchen. Yanery’s favorite phrase to live by is “The more successful you are, the more you need to learn and grow. Your commitment to learning has to be continuous and unrelenting.”

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