Chris Daniels

Project Manager and Campaign Alchemist

Chris is an artist, and every enrollment project and life itself is like a canvas to him.  He has ideas, and a clever marketing mind.  His ideas inspire and produce results. He knows how to help organizations move their needle with amazing outcomes. His stamina to manage the fine details of projects to completion is unmatched.

Today, he doesn’t get to use his art degree as much for painting, but he does encourage children to have a love and appreciation for the arts. He enjoys food, culture, and finds total bliss exercising culinary creativity.  Another passion is animal rescues—which sometimes create new additions to the family residence. He loves craft beer, gardening, cooking, and inspiring the next generation to be creative. He thinks critically about how we can all work together to make the world a better place.

Contact Me

Postal Address:

306 West Franklin Street, Suite F
Chapel Hill, NC 27516