Joe Vasquez

CRM Consultant

Joe is an experienced Strategic Enrollment Management Data practitioner who believes in the power of data, architecture, engineering, and analysis when it comes to enrollment strategy. During his eight-year career in higher education administration, Joe has held differentiating roles in counseling, admissions, recruitment, community outreach, communication, and strategic enrollment management. As a data professional, Joe has co-implemented Slate (by Technolutions) for both the graduate School of Education and the undergraduate division for the University of San Francisco. In addition to his roles as a Slate Captain™, Joe has presented at the annual Slate Summit™ on sessions related to Web Services (2018) and Portals (postponed to 2021). Academically, Joe recently completed his Ed.D. at the University of San Francisco, emphasizing his research around the role of geography on educational inopportunity. In his spare time, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and four children as well as making terrible ‘dad jokes.’

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