Octane magazine is a collection of innovative thoughts from enrollment experts. Articles in this issue address timely topics related to enrollment.

• The All-Important Search for Prospects: Why Forensic Lead Generation™ Matters
• Three Reasons Why Higher Ed Needs Influencer Marketing
• Digital Advertising—How to Spend Dollars to Reach Enrollment Goals
• Focus Group Takeaways to Improve Direct Mail Communications
• SEO Fundamentals: What Every Higher Education Marketer Should Know
• Who is Jay Baer, and Why Might You Care?
• Can Look-alike Modeling Replace Traditional List Purchasing?
• Anonymous Confessions of a College Copywriter
• Social Media Influencers— Macro, Micro Wait, There is a Nano Now?
• Does Enrollment Marketing Need Its Own Content Strategy?
• Managing Your Online Reputation—7 Questions to Ask