Identify stealth inquiries with enrollmentFUEL’s matchBACK technology. To make it happen, we install a non-obtrusive line of code. This allows us to identify IP addresses for website visitors. We correlate that data with your inquiry list and identify visitors to either your school’s website, or to a specific page on the website.

matchBACK technology can enhance your overall digital marketing strategy or support a Student Search or microSEARCH™ campaign.

FUEL Your Graduate and Adult Student Recruitment
matchBACK is particularly useful for institutions looking for digital marketing support for graduate programs and to identify potential adult students. With matchBACK, you can:

  • Identify visitors to graduate program and adult student website pages by household
  • Initiate direct mail in support of your program to the household
  • Correlate inquiries with website visits to help identify where to focus attention and resources
If you would like to know more about how matchBACK can help you grow enrollment, contact us today.