The Latest Edition of Octane is Out!

The Octane magazine is a collection of innovative thoughts from enrollment experts throughout the industry. In our latest edition, we are excited to feature a special edition article by Don Hossler, Ph.D. on the importance of conversations between Senior Enrollment Officers and Chief Financial Officers. enrollmentFUEL‘s president, Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott draws upon history and offers ideas on improving brainstorming sessions. Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing at Coker University, Adam Connolly, M.Ed. writes about recruiting rural students. Mike Wesner, founder of enrollmentFUEL, shares the plusses and minuses of Senior Search, and we wrap up with an article on rankings.

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The Marathon is On
The Marathon is On!

As we enter the early weeks of November, whether you are up or down in your applications, admits, and deposits, we all know there’s still a long way to run in the 2020 recruiting marathon. So here are a few ideas from our team to keep you on track to meet your goals. Financial Aid […]

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NACAC’s Change in SPGP Ethics Standards

I just got back from the annual NACAC conference in Louisville. Throughout my enrollment career, I’ve attended more than twenty of these conferences, and have always loved the camaraderie, professional development opportunities, and the collective environment of higher education. At the 2019 conference, the NACAC governance had my full and undivided attention, as the organization […]

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Slate Launchpad - What I Learned My Second Time Around
Slate Launchpad – What I Learned My Second Time Around

After nearly 30 years in enrollment management, I’m going to say it: successful recruitment starts with good data. Successful recruitment ends with a good relationship. But it starts with data. This sentiment isn’t always popular around the enrollment community. In fact, I know I’ll get some terse email responses for just saying it. However, attending […]

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