The Latest Edition of Octane is Out!

The Octane magazine is a collection of innovative thoughts from enrollment experts throughout the industry. In our latest edition, enrollmentFUEL‘s president, Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott shares thoughts based on the leadership thinking presented in the well-researched book, Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership by Bolman and Deal. Economist Lucie Lapovsky, Ph.D., offers strategic insight on price resets. Plus, you will discover practical tips on reducing summer melt, improving Student Search copywriting, developing a content strategy to support recruiting, and an intriguing service from the USPS called Informed Delivery®.

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Smooth Landing Strategies to Facilitate Student Matriculation and Persistence

Some flights have rough landings. Pilots hit the runway hard. They slam the brakes, surprising passengers who jerk forward, barely managing to hang onto their cell phones. It’s an unpleasant way to end a trip. For first-time travelers, it also leaves a very negative impression. During my time in student affairs, I noticed that the […]

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Financial Aid Perfection Syndrome – and How to AVOID It!

Have you experienced a reluctance by your financial aid office to award financial aid to prospective students until everything in the student’s file is “READY” to go and everything is perfect? Aid officers often don’t like to extend a projected financial aid award. When this is the case, you may be experiencing “Financial Aid Perfection […]

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enrollmentFUEL is Now a Slate Preferred Partner

enrollmentFUEL is Now a Slate Preferred Partner Chapel Hill, NC – enrollmentFUEL is a proud member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of organizations that share a commitment to support transformational effects on the world of higher education. The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support, […]

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